Time to get freezin’

Are you starting to dream of ice skating on Lake Windermere?


Are you starting to dream of ice skating on Lake Windermere?  As the days get colder, the reality of skating on a frozen lake is not far off. But exactly how far off is it?  You can put in your best guess by entering the Lake Windermere Ambassadors’ “Catch the Freeze” contest.

Last year, contest participants estimated that the lake would freeze any time

between November 15th and December 29th. (The lake actually froze on December 10th.) Contest winner Don Steedman grew in local fame for his winning entry, 

making headlines after having plunged into the frozen lake on his mountain bike the previous winter.  So go ahead and take the plunge — though not necessarily into the lake!  Take your best guess for when it will freeze over.


Contest Details:

• Pick the date you think the lake will freeze and send it to: info@lakeambassadors.ca .

• The lake will be deemed “frozen” when there is edge-to-edge ice at three points along the lake: Rushmere, Windermere, and between Fort Point and the Lakeview Road area.

Call or write to the Lake Windermere Ambassadors for more information: (250) 341-6898 / info@lakeambassadors.ca .