Upcoming Pynelogs shows this summer

From May 17 to May 29 Pynelogs Cultural Centre will be featuring a new two-week show composed of six exciting artists.

From May 17 to May 29 Pynelogs Cultural Centre will be featuring a new two-week show composed of six exciting artists.

The exhibit will showcase an array of subject matter and artistic focus that will make for a special viewing experience that you will not want to miss!

An art lover from an early age, Catherine McDiarmid has been a resident of Fairmont Hot Springs since 1996. She is now pursuing her passion for painting after years of working in other fields and has also been a valued long time volunteer of Pynelogs. McDiarmid enjoys working mainly with acrylics using brush and painting knifes and perceives her art as a way to express her love of all things beautiful.

Jon Dean Howlett is another artist inspired as a child to paint; winning his first National Art prize at only eight years old, followed by the Art Cup in his final year of school. After studying Graphic Design at Teesside University and travelling to New Zealand for intense ski and snowboard instruction, Howlett moved to Invermere in 2004.

He and his family now reside at Panorama Mountain Village where Howlett continues to instruct on the ski hill when he is not painting.  His passion for the beauty of nature is evident in his work and he hopes that the audience can feel that same pleasure when viewing his pieces.

Lona Belle Damstrom artistic talents may have been inherited from her mother’s love of oil painting. Lona says she “dabbled” in art all her life but after taking classes from Wildlife Artist, Terry Issac, she is now allowing herself a more passionate interest in her own art. This interest has been rewarded by her pieces being displayed in gallery shows and winning the Guide Outfitters of B.C. Artist of the Year- twice! This Jaffray artist’s medium of choice is Acrylic, but she also enjoys working with Pencil Crayon and Ink.  She feels that any day that finds her with brush in hand is an exciting new adventure.

Stan Lukasiewicz received his Ph.D. and worked as a University professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in his native Poland before coming to Canada in 1981. He continued teaching at the University of Calgary until retiring in 2005 which allowed him more time to focus on his hobby of oil painting.  He likes to spend most of his time at his home near Columbia Lake and has completed many beautiful landscape pieces in the past few years. Lukasiewicz says that since coming to Canada he has been “enchanted with the exceptional beauty of its unspoiled nature”.

Bill Croft, a graduate in Chemical Engineering from The University of Toronto, first took up oil painting for enjoyment when he moved to Edmonton in 1977. He described himself as a sporadic painter who became enthused every ten years or so. Upon retiring in 2000 to Windermere with his wife, Croft began to paint more often and in 2006 began instruction from a recognized Calgary artist. One of his earlier pieces, Paros Farmer, was selected by The Arts Around for tour in 2004.  When Croft is not painting or playing golf, he enjoys hiking, skiing, and cooking.

Marilyn Oliver is a visual artist who has resided in Cranbrook since 1964.  She has won People’s Choice Awards first and second place, as well as honorable mention at juried shows. She is inspired to explore a variety of techniques, subject matter, and media, and says this diverse expression suits her spontaneous nature. Her portfolio includes portraits in oil, Africa fabric and acrylics, Asian Characters, watercolor collage, encaustics (which are heated colour waxes) and art cards. For any questions please don’t hesitate to call Pynelogs Cultural Centre (250-342-4423).

Pynelogs Staff