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The Valley Echo will be uploading new content every day to its website, as well as joining Facebook and Twitter.

The Valley Echo will be updating its website, making it easier for the Columbia Valley to get fast new updates of the goings-ons in our area.The web address will still remain but some new features will be added for readers’ interest.The website will be updated daily with news pieces, videos or photos, so readers can stay informed seven days of the week.The site’s comment feature will still be available for web visitors to leave their opinions, views and feedback on news postings.The website will also have a new user poll feature, where web visitors can vote on the current news question.The Valley Echo will also be updating its photo gallery section regularly, with multiple photos from events in the Valley that need more than one picture to tell the whole story.The photo galleries will be archived and accessible, regardless of when the event occurred.The Valley Echo will also be making its own Facebook and Twitter page.New submissions will be updated and linked through the Facebook and Twitter pages to keep readers in the know as soon as possible.“The Valley Echo is the area’s oldest print media, and we’ve also led the way with a functional website,” said Marilyn Berry, interim publisher at The Valley Echo. “Posting stories to the webiste prior to going to print makes us more efficient in our delivery of local events. News from around the province is readily available and conveniently separated into local, regional and provincial formats.”The updated website will also feature an interactive calendar.“Readers can post their events to our calendar,” said Berry. “A real community calendar is very helpful to those planning events.”You can start checking out The Valley Echo online this week to see the difference at