Volunteers needed for Lake Enid cleanup

Wildsight will be hosting a restoration project at Lake Enid

Volunteers pick up litter during a clean up effort at Lake Enid in early 2012

Volunteers pick up litter during a clean up effort at Lake Enid in early 2012

Lake Enid, one of the valley’s most favoured lakes, can quickly become littered and worn from the heavy use it experiences. But thankfully, the Invermere branch of Wildsight will be bringing the pristine appeal back to the area.

The environmental organization is inviting the public to a community restoration project on Sunday, May 26th, which will begin in the Lake Enid parking lot. The event will be the first phase of the Lake Enid Restoration Project, which is headed by Wildsight, and financed by grants from a new Grassland and Rangeland Enhancement Fund.

“We hope to see everyone in surrounding communities volunteer for this project,” said Kelly Carlson, project co-ordinator. “The goal is to help restore the area that has been damaged by irresponsible use.”

Commitments have been expressed so far by volunteers who use the lake as hikers, campers, bikers, anglers, dirt bikers and 4×4 riders.

“It has been so exciting to see the love, concern and desire to get this project underway from many people in the area,” she told The Valley Echo. “This project will be a great demonstration for different user groups in the community to come together and work towards the common goal of restoring the area for the sake of the environment and future generations to come.”

Carlson said that education is key to the success of the project. Educators will be on sight to share their expertise on responsible use.

“Our main focus for that day will be cleaning up garbage, tacking the already existing fence, removing fallen and entangled trees from the fence line and clearing a safe and more appropriately positioned walking path,” she said.

If you can contribute on Sunday morning, contact Carlson at Kellycarlson@wildsight.ca.

“I also would love to hear any ideas about how we can educate and inspire all the users to maintain the integrity of this area,” she said.