Voting for local fire department

The Invermere Fire Department hopes to complete a new Fire Training Facility with help from Pepsi and online voters.

The Invermere Fire Department is trying to win $5,000 through a special online vote at The website is set up through Pepsi and gives different groups the chance to apply and try to earn enough votes to win some extra funds to help out their causes.

The fire department has put its name on the vote under the $5,000 banner in hopes of completing a Fire Training Facility.

“This will be finishing a burn box in a container, and ducting to get the smoke throughout the containers. Also, putting in doors, stairs and windows to use for training in patient removal. This type of training done in a controlled setting is better for the environment, and safer for the crew,” said Deputy Fire Chief of the Invermere Fire and Rescue Tom McNeil. He added the grant will help raise awareness and inspire completion with due diligence. The completion of this facility is vital to the volunteers as it would provide an important training area for the group.

“Invermere Fire has always prided itself on bringing projects in under-budget. This is one project we would like to see completed in a timely fashion but we do need some help,” McNeil said.