Weekly Pulse Check on Lake Windermere

Weekly Pulse Check on Lake Windermere

A look at the health of Lake Windermere, from the Lake Windermere Ambassadors

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - Water Sampling Data – Lake Windermere

Avg. water temp: 15°C

Avg. pH: 8.0

Avg. D.O.: 9 mg/L

Avg. turbidity: 2.2 NTU

Avg. conductivity: 213 µs/cm

Choppy waters did not stop new citizen scientist Kelly Carlson of Mountain Om Yoga &Wellness Studio from helping to sample Lake Windermere last week.

“Through yoga, I’ve gained an understanding of how personal balance is important to well-being. I’m happy to know that there is a local organization out here caring for the balance and well-being of the lake,” said Carlson.

Lake Windermere’s water quality continues to improve in terms of turbidity, showing an increase in clarity at all sampling sites over the past few weeks. The average site depth has slightly decreased from readings in early June, as expected now that freshet has begun to recede.

Total Phosphorous (P) measurements from the week of June 20th have now been analyzed, and were all below the maximum objectives of 0.010 mg/L; the highest Total P levels were noted at the southern end of the lake, at 0.0082 mg/L.

As the summer progresses, we can expect lake levels to drop further and surface temperatures to warm, and these impacts will likely be reflected in other water quality measurements such as dissolved oxygen and conductivity.

The Lake Windermere Ambassadors monitor water quality every week throughout the summer in order to keep a pulse on the health of the lake. Stay tuned for more water quality results next week!

Feature volunteer: Kelly Carlson, Mountain Om Yoga &Wellness Studio

To become a citizen scientist and join the lake monitoring crew on a Tuesday morning this summer, contact Thea Rodgers at (250) 341-6898 or info@lakeambassadors.ca