Top: Rolla Olak Bottom: Willhorse The musicians have all come together after finding collaborative success during the Peak Performance Project in Vancouver last summer. They'll be at Bud's tonight

Willhorse finds partner in song

Singer-songwriter Rolla Olak has joined Willhorse for their current Winter Wolfpack Tour

The band Willhorse from Golden is no stranger to the Columbia Valley, but their next show in Invermere will feature a new element – singer-songwriter Rolla Olak has joined the team for their current Winter Wolfpack Tour.

While competing in a Vancouver-based radio competition, Willhorse and Rolla Olak came together to write a song, which won the musicians an award through the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN).

“We were writing together, playing a few bars around Golden, and we just hit it off and decided to go on tour,” Rolla Olak told the Valley Echo.

“Besides long hair and beards, we have the same record collections, and we’re into the same kind of music, so it ends up being a really good pairing; it makes for a cohesive show,” said Rolla.

To find out what works best, Willhorse and Rolla have been turning out new songs often since their collaboration.

“We know not to be so precious about every little song you write, just to continually write more songs,” he said.

The artists play Invermere tonight, Wednesday, December 18th at Bud’s Bar and Lounge.

Rolla Olak will open the evening with a solo-acoustic set. As the songs heat up, members from Willhorse will slowly add themselves to the lineup until the two musical groups are performing as one – “until the end of the night, when it’s all rock and roll, loud and proud,” said Rolla.

And after wrapping up their Winter Wolfpack Tour, Willhorse and Rolla Olak are looking into another tour together in the summer.


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