Art demonstration at effusion

Artists Leslie Rowe-Israelson and Christine Stufano Simpson will be appearing at effusion art gallery for a live demonstration.

It will be a day of artistic demonstrations at effusion art gallery on March 26. Invermere resident Leslie Rowe-Israelson will be on hand  from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., along with  Christine Stufano Simpson from Kimberley. The pair will be doing demonstrations for any of the visitors who drop by the gallery.

“Artist’s demonstrations are interesting and can be educational; whether you are a painter or just an admirer of art, you can always learn something. This gives the customer a chance to interact with the artist,” said art director of the gallery Daryl DaCosta.

While living in Whistler, Simpson began painting portraits on scrap wood and cardboard, then moved to canvases for her landscape and more abstract art 10 years later.

Simpson now uses canvases and acrylic paints for her work, as well as a few other mediums for certain pieces.

A large painting at the gallery, for example, is a part of her Wildflowers collection, and uses acrylic paint, melted pine tree resin, beeswax and ink to create a vibrant, abstract image of flowers.

Rowe-Israelson describes most of her glasswork to be inspired by the mountains, but tries to capture movement, such as waves in water, in her work.

Part of Rowe-Israelson’s process is melting various pieces of glass into a large bar, then cutting the glass. Each different cut creates a different pattern as a result, producing a wide palette of unique glasswork.

Rowe-Israelson focuses on using gems made from the earth and fossilized coral to keep her jewelry natural and eco-friendly, and also works with bronze and clay when creating her work.

Rowe-Israelson says that effusion art gallery has also been a great help in furthering her jewelry work by giving suggestions.

The gallery staff is thrilled to represent a local artist as well. DaCosta is thrilled to have both artists coming to effusion for the day.

“Leslie Rowe-Israelson has been working with glass and creating jewellery for over 30 years. She will be in the gallery. Christine Stufano Simpson will also be in the gallery March 26 demonstrating and creating works of art,” said DaCosta.

The gallery will be holding more events of this style during the spring and summer of 2011.

For more of Rowe-Israelson’s or Simpson’s work, visit


For any additional information about the demonstration on March 26 or any of the other upcoming events at the gallery, feel free to contact the staff of effusion at 250-341-6877.