Artists Constance Bachmann and Danny McBride visit Artym Gallery

The artist couple talk about their work going forward while attending the opening day of their exhibition at The Artym Gallery.

A painting by Danny McBride.

A painting by Danny McBride.

Artists Constance Bachmann and Danny McBride were both present during the first day of their exhibition at The Artym Gallery in Invermere.

The Constance Bachmann & Danny McBride Exhibition, which began on March 26 and will be running until April 3, is the second exhibition Bachmann and McBride have had in Invermere.

A couple of 16 years, Bachmann and McBride first met in Vancouver and have since moved to Kelowna.

McBride has also led a lucrative career in music, working with Natalie Cole, U2, Joe Cocker, Supertramp, as Chris de Burgh’s lead guitarist. McBride and Bachmann began painting full-time in a shared studio in 1997.

“It can work for some artists, but not for others,” said Bachmann of the shared studio. “Someone will work on something all day, and the other person may see something wrong. It’s not always met with nice comments, but it works well. He has a sense for some things, I have a sense for others.”

McBride and Bachmann each have a distinct painting style, with McBride’s work mainly featuring portraitures of women in hats, and Bachmann’s work depicting various dogs, painted with a palette knife rather than a brush.

Looking forward, McBride aims to use more multi-media in his work, such as photography. Bachmann would like to try something more abstract.

Each artist has a few obstacles they’re trying to tackle as they move forward with their work, however.

“Letting go of control and using more negative space,” was Bachmann’s goal as she pursues more abstract work.

McBride, inspired by the works of Gainsborough, hopes to be able to achieve a desired look for his painted flowers, and come to master acrylic paints.

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