Expressive artists to hold show at effusion

effusion art gallery presents Janice Tanton and Tresa Gibson who will be in the gallery on Saturday (May 19) creating art on canvases.

effusion art gallery is pleased to present Janice Tanton and Tresa Gibson. Both artists will be in the gallery on Saturday (May 19) from 11 to 4 p.m., creating art on canvases.

Janice Tanton, an adopted member of the Siksika First Nation, has worked as an artist for over 22 years. She began to work in a new vein of artistic exploration of these cross-cultural relationships through oils, film and a melding of performance arts practices. Janice retired from her Banff Centre role to devote her time solely to her studio work once again. She continues her strong relationships with aboriginal communities and leaders across Canada.

Tresa Gibson can be described through her energy, passion and free expression. Gibson’s  art often presents a simultaneous sense of order and chaos, drawing out unique emotions from her viewers. Gibson best expresses herself with a palette knife, using oil on canvas, and she enjoys creating works that balance colour and depth.  Gibson’s inspiration comes from many years of travelling and research.