Halfsacks launch new music

The Halfsacks prepare for their upcoming show at Bud's Bar and Lounge and talk about their new CD.

The Halfsacks

The Halfsacks

Bud’s Bar and Lounge will be the site for a CD release party for The Halfsacks new release on April 7.

Many things have changed for the band since Christopher Howse and Steve Laurendeau  started performing on a picnic table on Falcon Drive in Fairmont Hot Springs.

The band came together and perform what they call original Canadiana roots rock, which is explained better if you see them perform live.

The performance at Bud’s will have no cover and guests will have the chance to get the new CD for $10 or both of the band’s releases for $15.

“We have two CDs, Take Me Drunk I’m Home was released in 2008 and our new one, This Matter is Now Closed, which is also available for digital download on iTunes and CDbaby.com,” said band member Scott Ivers.

Throughout the year the group performs anywhere from 25-50 shows but there is always something special about playing at home.

“Local support is very important. The old saying goes, ‘Drive a hundred miles from home and you’re a good band’.” There is enough local talent here that is worth supporting.” Ivers said.

As for why they stick it out and continue playing together Ivers felt that in the end the music is what it is all about.

“The best part of being in a band is the music. Whether we’re playing in a garage or in front of an audience, the music is what keeps it fun. Old songs, new songs, or cover songs.”

As for the kick-off party at Bud’s, the band felt that, “People should come out to Bud’s to see how good the local talent is getting. They’ll have a good time and hear some fresh new music.

“People can expect to be entertained and hear some songs they’ve never heard before. We play high energy music, are at our best when we play a live show.”

The show will kick off at around 8:30 on April 7.