Hurry down to Pynelogs for the last show!

This is it! The grand finale. The coup de gras. The fat lady is singing.

This is it! The grand finale. The coup de gras. The fat lady is singing. This is the final show of the 2012 summer season at Pynelogs Cultural Centre, and as is fitting for such a successful and inspiring summer, we’re going out with a bang.

Included in this final show are five remarkable talents, all of whom are ready to show some of their most recent work in photography, oil, acrylic, and watercolour. The show will run from October 9th to the 19th during regular gallery hours, 11-4 seven days a week.

Fairmont’s John Lubbers has spent his whole life fascinated by art and nature. He spent time in his early years sketching in the Netherlands, and has kept up his training even though he is a busy business owner. His landscapes are bold, colourful creations in oil, which will please any audience.

Windermere’s Maegan Stanbury is never without her sketchbook, and has a great talent for capturing the emotion of a subject. Some of her work takes on a romanticized appearance, whereas other pieces are entangled in multiple layers of detailed decoration. She works in oil and acrylic, and will be showing her recent work on figures and nudes for

this show.

Photographer Kathleen Davies has recently returned to photography after a long love affair with the medium had to be put on hold in favour of her career. Her work for this show focuses on trees and treescapes, attempting to capture not only the line, shape, colour and texture of her subject, but also the energy, vitality and (e)motion they evoke.

Retired mechanical engineer professor, Stanislaw Lukasiewicz spends most of his time along the shores of Columbia Lake. It is in this pristine environment that he has explored oil painting, and the results are truly breathtaking. He tries to express the beauty and peacefulness of the landscapes he produces, while preserving both the true image and emotional expression of the scene.

Calgary’s Ingrid Vincent was actually born right here in the Pynelogs building when it was a hospital, so it will be a homecoming of sorts when she displays her watercolour landscapes. She loves to paint en plein air when she can, and is looking forward to returning to her roots, quite literally, to display some of her recent work.

The artist opening event will be held on Wednesday, October 10 from 7-9 p.m. So come on down and drink in the last show of the season before the desire to hibernate of winter sets in.