Jeff Fleming

Jeff Fleming

Live artist action at the Artym Gallery

The rain has been pretty hard on me lately, so I’m really hoping for a sunny Canada Day weekend.

The rain has been pretty hard on me lately, so I’m really hoping for a sunny Canada Day weekend. I know that the humidity keeps my signature colour vibrant, but I gotta say, sometimes chilling out in the sun can’t be beat. You can see me, rain or shine, on the corner by the Artym Gallery. The recently planted flowers look great (and delicious, but I promise to resist…) That’s right, Rusty here (the Moose… come on, I know you’ve seen me!). I’m pretty stoked about this weekend as two of my favourite artists are coming out for a visit — oil painter Rod Charlesworth and my creator, sculptor Jeff Fleming.

Rod and Jeff will be at the Artym for an opening reception on Friday (June 29) from 6 to 9 p.m. (I just love a good party, don’t you?) and then both will be at the gallery on Saturday (June 30) doing a demonstration from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Jeff Fleming will be working on a clay sculpture for his demonstration. This clay piece is the beginning of one of his signature bronze bear sculptures — a momma bear hugging and playing with her three cubs.

Rod Charlesworth plans to create a “spontaneous, sketchy and loose” painting of a local landscape.

Rod Charlesworth paints the places where I want to be. His landscapes in oil capture the wilds of Canada, the beauty and rugged nature of my natural home. He created his first painting when he was only eight years old, and has been painting professionally for close to 30 years.

My creator, Jeff Fleming, is really well known for his bronze bear sculptures. His whimsical style of capturing bears doing what people do appeals to many humans, for some reason. Actually, that is what makes him happiest: “to see people that appreciate the whimsical humour of my bears.” (Myself, I think his best works are his self-described “large steel sculptures… welding scrap steel and really cool old rusty parts” but it’s possible I’m a little biased). He has been sculpting professionally for 20 years.

I want to thank everyone, locals and visitors alike, for making me feel so welcome in the Columbia Valley. I feel like a star when people take my picture — speaking of which, if you want to stop by and see me after the Canada Day parade on Sunday afternoon, there will be an RCMP officer in full red serge here for photos. Could you get any more Canadian?

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-Translated from moose-speak by Deanna Berrington