Russian pianist Pavel Kolesnikov

Russian pianist Pavel Kolesnikov

Russian pianist sharing classical talent with Invermere

Pianist Pavel Kolesnikov will be coming to Invermere on Sunday, September 15th


A global competition launched Pavel Kolesnikov from Russia onto the world stage as a pianist, and the 23-year-old will be coming to Invermere on Sunday, September 15th for a performance at Christ Church Trinity.

Held only once every three years, the Honens International Piano Competition attracts talent from around the world, and the intense process earned Mr. Kolesnikov the 2012 prize — $100,000 cash and a three-year career development program valued at $500,000.

His worldly talents now allow him to perform around the globe.

“He does concerts all over; he’s in London right now recording a CD,” said Sherry Doerr, who will be hosting Mr. Kolesnikov during his time in the valley. “Part of his winning is getting taken all around the world with management who makes sure he gets into the right places.”

The album he’s currently recording will be an all-Tchaikovsky disc, expected to be released in 2014.

Born in Serbia to scientist parents, he relocated to Russia where he began practicing piano from a young age.

After receiving more than 150 applications from talented pianists around the globe, Honens shortlisted Mr. Kolesnikov down to a list of 50 performers who would have the chance to demonstrate their talents before a Honens panel of judges in Russia. A strong performance overseas scored him an invite to Calgary, where he continued to dominate the world-class talent.

“He’s very intriguing, thoughtful and in-depth, and it’s something that comes through in his music,” said Janet Bwititi, marketing and communications manager for the Honens competition. “People can find it anything from relaxing to thrilling, it depends on what their approach is to classical music.”

She said it’s important for our local audiences to be able to see musicians from around the globe, and affirmed that to win the prize, you have to be very knowledgable of all different types of classical music.

His upcoming program will feature Debussy, Chopin and Rameau.

Where he goes from here, is up to him, Ms. Bwititi said.

“His career depends on how he paces himself and what his outlook is on what he actually wants, but he’s coming into it at a good time and a good age.”

Before he outgrows performances in smaller settings, be sure to see Pavel Kolesnikov at Christ Trinity Church on Sunday. Tickets are available at the door and the show begins at 7:30 p.m.