No Island takes the stage at Strand's Old House Restaurant on August 28.

No Island takes the stage at Strand's Old House Restaurant on August 28.

Vancouver-based band ready to rock Strand’s

Indie group No Island brings unique sound and accessible melodies.

Bursting with energy and good vibrations, the catchy and irrepressible sounds of Vancouver-based band No Island will take the stage at Strands Old House Restaurant on Tuesday, August 28, and keyboard player and vocalist Andy Rice says that his band is excited to show off a bevy of new sounds and familiar classics alike.

“Our goal every night, is to go out there and give 120 per cent and make sure that everyone has a good time, and make sure that we have a good time,” Rice told The Echo. “If the crowd is into it and they’re dancing… and they’re just giving you all of them, you have to give them all of you.”

Formed in the summer of 2009 by saxophonist James Wilfred Martin and guitarist and lead vocalist Keith Sinclair, the now five-piece band gives a distinctly classical rock feel, all while still adding a much-welcomed twist of modern sound. Clear crisp vocals give way to expressive guitar leads and stirring saxophone solos, as the group flexes their musical muscle to create a well-defined sound that stretches across generational boundaries.

“I think it definitely makes our band unique, to have that throwback,” Rice said. “It is definitely a big aspect to our sound and we can’t deny that, we all raided our parents record collections when we were younger and that has a profound impact on what we play like and what we sound like.”

Shortly after the original two members joined forces, they began to recruit more members to join the latest indie band on the Vancouver music scene. Now including Rice, bassist Sara Lauridsen, and drummer Mike Ferguson alongside Martin and Sinclair, the band say they draw their influences from some of the great acts of the 70’s, from Supertramp and Queen to The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Their first album, Sign of the Times is available on iTunes, and while Rice said the the group will be playing many of the songs from the album, they also have a whole host of new material that they’re itching to test out on the road.

“I feel like we’ve defined our sound since that album came out,” Rice said. “With our next album we really want to leave an impression and make a statement.”

The business of recording a new album is exactly what they say they plan on doing once they finish their current 13 show tour, beginning on August 16 in Penticton before their final performance in Vancouver on September 8. For their Invermere show on August 28, Rice said he anticipates the band will also be able to draw from their expansive list of cover songs they perform.

“People can expect a high energy show with tight musicianship, and they can expect to be entertained,” Rice said.