olive Oil cake

olive Oil cake

From Scratch: Finding your passion…in the kitchen!

I often find myself in the kitchen when I am happy, content and wanting to make others feel the way I do.

Have you ever wondered why you enjoy cooking? Sometimes one prefers to cook for their spouse and children, entertain a group of friends or cook a new dish just for oneself. I often find myself in the kitchen when I am happy, content and wanting to make others feel the way I do. We also do it because we have to when looking after others and ourselves, but there is a way to make it fun rather than a chore.

There is a saying that you can always tell if the restaurant chef is happy by the quality of the food. This applies to cooking at home too. I call it “passion” and in light of Valentine’s Day, I thought these words may provide some inspiration to cook more.

I know my passion is baking cakes. They are not overly fancy, but do they ever taste amazing! I love reading over recipes, making my own notes about what would go well with them, and taking the time to buy the best ingredients I can afford to make the cake.

I can tell you it’s worth it.  Whether you enjoy it by yourself with a cup of tea or with three kids and their play-date buddies, or by handing a slice of it to a tired spouse at the end of their day, you end up with appreciation, gratitude and love of whatever you are making.

Above is one of my favourite cakes. Those who have attended my Italian cooking class love it and have encouraged me to share it, so I hope it inspires you to find your passion in the kitchen.

Olive Oil Cake


4 medium eggs

¾ cup sugar (84 grams)

1 cup flour

3 tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

2/3 cup olive oil

½ cup almonds

zest of 2 oranges


• Beat eggs and sugar till pale and fluffy.

• Add flour, baking powder and salt into this mixture.

• Slowly pour in olive oil.

• Fold in almonds and orange zest.

• Place batter into 2 x 7 inch pans or a rectangular cake tray that has been buttered and floured.

• Bake at 350 C for 25 minutes. Let rest for 15 minutes before cutting.

• Gorgeous served with crème fraiche, whipped cream or a fresh fruit sauce.

Lara McCormack is one of the owners of From Scratch — A Mountain Kitchen in Fairmont Hot Springs where one can savour great seasonal food, sip from a selection of beverages including B.C. wines and enjoy the views of our gorgeous valley landscape.