CBT funding helps Columbia Valley organizations

Variety of organizations and communities funded thanks to CBT

More than a dozen local clubs, events and communities benefited from the latest Columbia Basin Trust funding announcements.

The 18-page list of recipients includes Family Dynamix, ICAN, Columbia Valley Arts Council, Edgewater Recreation Society, Fairmont Business Association and more.

The community of Canal Flats received funding for a number of initiatives receiving money, including $4,000 for directional signage, $5,000 for a tourist map, $10,000 for trail planning and $9,000 for a basket swing at Tilley Memorial Park.

Canal Flats Mayor Ute Juras reports that in total, Canal Flats received $40,115.07 for 2017, to go towards various projects and nonprofit groups working within the valley.

Columbia Valley communities gather for presentations on applications, explains Juras. Afterwards, the Board of Directors go through the applications to allocate the money. Canal Flats also supported the Blue Lake Education Society, BCSPCA, Canal Flats Food Bank, Columbia Basin Institute for Regional History, Columbia Lake Stewardship Society, District of Invermere, EK PARTY Program, Fairmont Business Association, Headwaters Art Society, ICAN, Hospice Society of the Columbia Valley, Lake Windermere Lion’s Club, Radium Chamber of Commerce and Windermere Youth Society.

“We are very grateful to the Trust for presenting us with this money annually,” says Juras. “It gives an opportunity to help non-profit organizations with projects without having to take it out of taxpayer’s pockets.”

The Columbia Valley Youth Soccer Foundation received $4,000.

“They’re very generous with us which we really appreciate,” said Donna Macarthur, board member and funding coordinator.

The funds will be used mostly for equipment; Macarthur says funding like this helps keep costs low for families to enter the rapidly growing club.

Other organizations work regionally but support people locally, such as the East Kootenay PARTY Program, which is an annual conference held in Cranbrook that gathers grades 8, 9 and 10 students together from the region to talk about key issues facing youth today.

Blue Lake Forest Education Society received funding to help send kids to camp that otherwise couldn’t afford it. According to Todd Hubert, executive director, their goal is to support 50 kids coming to camp this year through the funding.

The Lake Windermere District Lions Club received $12,050, earmarked for Crossroads Ballpark washrooms; the Lake Windermere District Rod & Gun Club got $10,000 for community range upgrades.

All told, CBT’s Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs approved projects for 2017 / 2018 came to $1,235,971, funding 138 projects around the region.

“The approved projects cover everything from education programs to playground and facility upgrades, community programs and tourism related projects,” says RDEK Board Chair Rob Gay. “On behalf of the RDEK Board and our residents, I want to thank the Trust for providing this funding for so many different community-based projects, many of which could not happen without this support. I also want to extend our thanks to the volunteers who give their time and energy to make these projects happen.”

A complete list of the approved projects is available on the RDEK’s website (www.rdek.bc.ca) on the News and Current Projects pages or by contacting the RDEK.

Columbia Basin Trust supports efforts by the people of the Basin to create a legacy of social, economic and environmental well-being and to achieve greater self-sufficiency for present and future generations. To learn more about the Trust visit www.ourtrust.org.