Beautification plan in place

A request to beautify the Crystal Springs Motel with landscaping became controversial

A request to beautify the Crystal Springs Motel with landscaping became slightly controversial when it became known that the property line encroached on Village of Radium Hot Springs land.

At the October 14th regular meeting, Radium council unanimously agreed to allow Crystal Springs Motel owner Deb James to move forward with the project. However, James was cautioned that if the Village of Radium Hot Springs needed to access the affected area of the property line in the future, she would be responsible for removing the temporarily installed project.

“We’re eager to clean it up,” said James about the area that surrounds the Crystal Springs Motel. “I just want the place to look amazing and this is the next step.”

She added the structures that are tentatively planned to beautify the Crystal Springs Motel area are slated to be built as temporary so they would be easy to move if need be.

“We would like to finish off the project,” said James.

Director of Planning and Development Services Arne Dohlen initially expressed concerns about the encroachment and how it could impact snow removal during the winters, but was pleased to learn that the project satisfied the village’s requirements for a project of this scope.

“The encroachment along Radium Boulevard would not be more than three feet outside of the property line and it would be maintained behind the power line along the property,” Dohlen explained to council. “This encroachment will still permit on-street parking along Radium Boulevard. Along Canyon Avenue, the encroachment would be approximately five feet and in line with the existing landscaping.”

He concluded that putting a fence adjacent to the lane will allow village staff access to the property.

“The great thing is that it’s temporary,” concluded James. “Nothing is concrete in the ground. It just means (we) have to take it out of the ground and undo the planking between them — that kind of thing. We have no illusions that this is going to be a permanent structure that can’t be taken apart with minimal effort.”