Cameras ready to roll on Whiteway

The Discovery Channel's Mark Miller will try his hand at clearing the (unofficial) world's largest maintained outdoor skating rink.

He’s tackled RCMP training and piloted submarines. Now, the Discovery Channel’s Mark Miller will try his hand at clearing the (unofficial) world’s largest maintained outdoor skating rink.

The host of Embedded with Mark Miller, which runs on the science news show Daily Planet, will be in Invermere this Thursday to film the Lake Windermere Whiteway for a segment. The local skate track is expected to be featured in a “Gigantic Things” series slated to run on Daily Planet in the spring.

“I think it’s awesome. It’s great exposure for the community,” says Dave McGrath, one of the organizers of the Whiteway expansion.

In an Embedded segment, host Miller is put to work by whatever group he’s filming with, McGrath explains.

“He actually works, doing something, building something, so he’s going to be out there actually working on the Whiteway trail. He’ll be doing some plowing and some flooding and clearing and whatnot… We’re getting as much equipment out there as we possibly can for him to do as many things as he can.”

To create a background for the shoot, McGrath is asking winter sports enthusiasts with some time on their hands to come down to the lake on Thursday to use the ice while the cameras roll.

“The more people that are out there in the background playing on the ice the better,” he says.

“Maybe playing some hockey, or just skating or cross country skiing if there’s snow. It would just be a nice backdrop for the town. It’ll make it look like we’re very active out there, which we usually are on a Saturday, but not necessarily on a Thursday.”

The shoot is planned to run through most of the day, from late morning into the evening, “so if there’s some people that can be out there playing on the ice that would be great,” says McGrath.