Council Briefs: Radium mayor plans to attend regional forum

Mayor Clara Reinhardt will be attending the Regional Community to Community Forum hosted by the Ktunaxa Nation Council and RDEK.

Mayor Clara Reinhardt will be attending the upcoming Regional Community to Community Forum being hosted by the Ktunaxa Nation Council and the Regional District of East Kootenay.

At the November 18th council meeting, Reinhardt expressed an interest in attending the reconciliation-themed form at Royal Alexandra Hall in Cranbrook between 2 and 8 p.m. on Thursday, November 26th.

She will be participating in the day-long initiative that aims to promote conversations, storytelling, networking and brainstorming within the region. It is expected there may be goals set for the future at the forum.


McCauley confirms seat

Councillor Tyler McCauley has confirmed his attendance at the Local Government Leadership Academy’s (LGLA) 2016 Leadership Forum at the Radisson Hotel in Vancouver between February 3rd and 5th.

The theme of the LGLA’s 2016 annual forum will be geared toward Respectful Leadership — practices to encourage governance among elected officials and staff; legal and human resource professionals; experts on community engagement and ethics; First Nations relations; and creating work-life balance.

Although McCauley was not at the November 18th regular council meeting, he had previously confirmed his interest in attending the forum and was eager to attend workshops about Respect for Yourself, Respect for Others and Respect for the Office.


Council supports Trail Host

A request for ongoing participation with and support of the Forster Creek Trail Host was recently approved by the Village of Radium Hot Springs.

“It’s a great way to ensure people have a great time (snowmobiling),” remarked Reinhardt.

The Village of Radium Hot Springs chief administrative officer (CAO) Mark Read told council that, in previous years, district staff have contributed to the Trail Host’s administrative and financial needs (applying for grants through the Columbia Basin Trust).

Reinhardt asked whether Read would be willing to continue to offer his support to the Forster Creek Trail Host position and was delighted that he agreed.

Council will be sending a letter confirming their involvement with the Forster Creek Trail Host shortly.


Variance gets OK

Village of Radium Hot Springs resident Georgina Moxam’s request for a development variance permit to complete a deck expansion has been approved.

At the November 18th council meeting, chief administrative officer Mark Read reviewed an administrative memo from Arne Dohlen, director of planning and development services, about the project.

“The proponent has requested a variance to the rear setback requirements in order to extend the open deck by 1.0 metres,” read Dohlen’s note. “This property backs onto the Springs golf course and is located adjacent to the back tee box on the 11th hole.”

If the permit was approved, Dohlen continued, the edge of the deck would be 1.25 metres from the property line as the property is part of a strata. He added that Moxam has taken the information to the Strata Council and received its approval.

Read added a note has also been sent to Moxam’s neighbours to explain the scope of her project.

Council unanimously supported the decision to move forward with Development Variance Permit 35 and offered its thanks for the information.


Renovation approved in Radium

Rockies Pizzeria spokesperson Mladen Lukacic made an application to the Village of Radium Hot Springs to renovate the exterior and enclose the upper deck on the south side of the building.

The Village of Radium Hot Springs unanimously agreed to grant Mr. Lukacic Development Permit 138 to move forward with the proposed renovation and addition plans to bring the deck space into the upstairs dining area of the restaurant.

Lukacic explained the character and colour scheme of the business would remain the same during the process.

Read told council that the proposed restaurant addition would require a total of 12 parking spaces. However, council agreed to reduce the number to 11, which it deemed will be a suitable way of meeting the parking requirements.

“Most people walk, so I think being short a parking stall is OK,” said Reinhardt, noting it would be important to see the parking spaces paved.

Lukacic has plans to complete the upgrades to the parking spaces and pave the sites himself in no more than two years.