Dangerous dog bylaw passes

After months of discussion the Village of Radium Hot Springs council has passed a bylaw to provide for the control of dangerous dogs.

  • Feb. 1, 2011 1:00 p.m.

After months of discussion the Village of Radium Hot Springs council has passed a bylaw to provide for the control of dangerous dogs.

In the bylaw it states “Council has deemed it desirable that additional dog controls be enacted with respect to dangerous dogs to promote the health, safety and protection of persons, property and other animals within the Village of Radium Hot Springs.”

Under the bylaw a dangerous dog designation can “be made and immediately acted upon by the Animal Control Officer, at the discretion of said Officer, and shall be followed up with a notice in writing to the owner of the dog.”

For a dog to be deemed as being dangerous the Animal Control Officer “will have reasonable grounds to believe that the dog is likely to kill or seriously injure a person; deem a dog that has killed or seriously injured a person or a domestic animal as a dangerous dog.”

Also stated in the new bylaw is that no owner of a dog shall permit the dog to be “at large” or to be “out of control”.

Owners of dogs will also have to keep an eye on signs on areas that are designated as “dogs on leash allowed” or “dogs off-leash” allowed.

In designated “off-leash” areas dogs which are not “dangerous dogs” may be allowed to be detached from a leash provided they are under the direct charge and control of a responsible and competent person.

Any owner’s of an aggressive dog which is known by the owner to have the propensity to attack or viciously pursue or threaten a person or domestic animal without being definitely provoked, teased or aroused by that person or animal, will have to ensure that the dog is properly restrained at all times and, when the dog is off the owner’s premises, that it is on a leash and muzzled.

In the new bylaw owners are reminded that they are responsible for their dog’s behavior at all times and must ensure their dog is not out of control while off-leash within designated off-leash areas.

Dogs which in the opinion of an animal control officer are not under direct charge and control are deemed to be running at large and are subject to seizure and penalties.

The fine, under the Municipal Ticket Information process, for a single infraction against this bylaw, shall be $200.00.

One area that has been designated as an “off-leash area” is the Sinclair Creek municipal parklands.

With the sudden passing of Councillor Brent Frederickson the municipal council in Radium had to make the decision of whether or not they should hold a by-election to fill the vacancy.

Chief Administrative Officer of Radium Mark Read explained that if a vacancy happened before January 1 there would have to be a by-election but since the vacancy occurred after this date in an election year they could wait until the regularly allotted time for an election later this year. Taking into account that a by-election would cost the town up to $5,000 the mayor and councillors not to hold a by election at this time.

Councillor Ron Verboom has taken on the role of deputy mayor.