Fairmont Hot Springs Resort carbon neutral

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort has achieved "Carbon Neutral Status" for 2011.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort has achieved “Carbon Neutral Status‟ for 2011, purchasing sufficient offsets to balance off all the resorts‟ operational emissions. Dean Prentice, COO, says the resort joined the EcoStay program in December  2010. “Becoming certified as officially carbon neutral during our first year in the  national EcoStay program is a great accomplishment for Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.

Carbon offsetting is an important part of our ongoing commitment to  develop green and sustainable practices within the resort.”   EcoStay is a national initiative that helps hotels and resorts measure their carbon footprint, identify and fund reduction strategies and balance off their greenhouse gas emissions through carbon offsetting. Under the program, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort collects $2 per night from hotel guests. These funds are then used  to purchase carbon offsets. $1.50 is used to purchase carbon offsets and 50¢ is used to make on-site and local eco-improvements.

Says Prentice, “The amount of carbon offset during 2011 is incredible. 1,647.8 tonnes of carbon offsets have been purchased from emission reducing projects. In real terms, that’s equivalent to taking 120,289 cars off the road for a day.”

Earlier this year, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort launched a new in-house eco-improvement initiative called Green Clean, funded though the project.

“Green Clean is one more way our guests can help us conserve natural resources when they visit,” says Prentice. “Guests now have the option to decline housekeeping service for the day, and in return we reward them with a gift voucher to spend on dining.”