Fun day at Panorama for adaptive skiing

Kate Gibbs recounts her day at Panorama Mountain Resort.

  • Mar. 1, 2011 4:00 p.m.

Submitted by Kate Gibbs

The following article details a day at Panorama Mountain Resort, where the Panorama Adaptive Snow Sports program and the Special Olympics Invermere Branch have created a combined program.

It was an incredibly,warm, sunny day up at beautiful Panorama Ski Hill;  26 cm of fresh snow makes for a wondrous winter wonderland

Our ski group this week involved six skiers, including Marlo, Libby, Brion, Jonah, Jared and me. These skiers wouldn’t have been up at Panorama without our trusty volunteers Vince, Marcell, Gee, Willam, Tom, Katrien, Matt and Katherine.

Everyone had yet another fun filled snowy day skiing.

Marlo and Libby took several runs with Marcell up Horseshoe, Showoff, and Fritz’s Run. Busy day for them.

Brion again went up the Mile 1 Chair with mom and dad as his ski buddies. Panorama now has THREE sit-skis.

This is incredible! This program is really moving forward.

In the sit-skis were Jonah, Jared and me.

Jonah was in the newest sit-ski having fun on the magic carpet with Vince.

He giggled every time he went over a big bump.

Jared was very anxious to go up the chair, the ski rebel that he is .

He, Catrien, me, Katherine and Tom whizzed down Showoff.

It was pretty amazing to see all three sit skiers skiing together on the hill.

Watch out Panorama, these guys have the need for speed.

Two faithful ski instructor volunteers, Kathrine and Matt came out to help the skiers after putting in a long day of coaching.

Thank you guys.

Volunteers like you make this program even more special; thanks to every one of the  volunteers for making Sunday a wonderful ski day.

After a super day on the hill, skiers went to Lusti’s for terrific hot chocolate and Valentine’s Day cookies made by Marlo’s Dad Fritz. What an end to fun filled two hours of skiing. Good times on sunny slopes. A perfect day at Pano!