Good Citizenship nominations are open

Nominations are now open for the BC Medal of Good Citizenship, awarding everyday British Columbians for their generosity.

Nominations are now open for the BC Medal of Good Citizenship, awarding everyday British Columbians for their generosity, service, acts of selflessness and contributions to community life over the previous year.

Given the solidarity and leadership amongst the Columbia Valley community, there are countless examples of citizens who are deserving of the award. According to the criteria, a good nomination for the citizenship award is, “someone who has served their community with the greatest humility without expectation of reward or recognition.”

As there is nearly a full year to nominate someone for the award, there is plenty of time to think about someone who may be deserving of the award.

The nomination process is fairly simply, and can be completed by a peer, colleague, friend or even a family member. The criteria for eligibility requires individuals or couples to be nominated who are not members of the government or standing judiciary. Once you have someone in mind who you believe is deserving of the award, you are required to submit contact information for both yourself and the person that you are nominating. Beyond that, you are required to write a brief mission statement describing the reason they are deserving of the award.

The major portion of the application requires the applicant to demonstrate how the nominee emphasizes and encourages the virtue of good citizenship while highlighting the impact that the nominee has had both on their lives and on the lives of others within the community. In addition, they are asked to include any exemplary circumstances that the nominee may have had to overcome in the process while explaining that the actions they did truly are an outstanding achievement. Lastly, the application requires applicants to submit at least two letters of support explaining why the nominee is deserving of being named as a winner of the BC Good Citizenship Medal.

Last year, 22 different medals were handed out with Bud Abbott from Cranbrook taking the sole medal home in the East Kootenay. Bud was known throughout Cranbrook for his local service through involvement in organizations like the Rotary Club, Canadian Mental Health Association, Meals on Wheels and the Salvation Army.

Noting the number of charities, clubs and associations working to foster a better life for people living in the Columbia Valley, there is no doubt someone is deserving of being awarded.

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