Investing in the valley never looked so good

Invest Kootenay has implemented some important initiatives, that bode well for the attraction of investment groups to the Columbia Valley.

Invest Kootenay has recently implemented some important community-wide initiatives, that bode well for the attraction of investment groups to the Columbia Valley.

The retention of local and foreign investors is on the rise and promises a bright future for the preservation and progression of the valley, demonstrating a unique and collaborative working model between the sectors.

“Invest Kootenay is a program designed to help business owners who wish to attract new investors and provides a resource for investors who are considering investing in the Kootenays,” said Susan Clovechok, executive director of the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce (CVCC) and community liaison with Invest Kootenay.

Since April 2014, the local Chamber has been campaigning on behalf of Invest Kootenay, implementing a myriad of awareness activities involving community outreach and education on the resources currently available on the re-vamped Invest Kootenay website.

The restructuring of and its increased presence on the CVCC website enhances the unique and diverse attributes the valley has to offer.

“The primary aim is to attract and retain investment in our communities. The CVCC is proud to be the first point of contact for Invest Kootenay because it is an important piece of economic development,” Ms. Clovechok told The Valley Echo.

Other modifications to the site involve listing key success stories that represent businesses in multiple sectors and all major Columbia Valley communities, as well as listing new opportunities for investment.

“Invest Kootenay is a tool that enables us to support businesses who are seeking investors, or to sell outright,” she said.

Ms Clovechok worked in partnership with Invest Kootenay to create a printed rack card that targets investors interested in the valley. The comprehensive brochure has been printed and distributed across the valley at important visitor information sites.

Recent activities have included, two investor outreach events involving a joint Invest Kootenay/Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce booth at Valley Appreciation Days this past July and a presentation given by Ms. Clovechock at a BC Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) seminar in Vancouver to potential international investors this past


“Invest Kootenay was able to provide financial sponsorship to these activities, including $500 toward the Valley Appreciation Day booth and $700 toward the Vancouver PNP seminar presentation,” according to a press release issued by Invest Kootenay.

Marketing is forging ahead with ongoing print, online and media strategies highlighting the current Invest Kootenay brand, as well as the call for a promotional video to demonstrate the success stories originating from Invest Kootenay match-ups.

“We have tangible opportunities and information to provide to people who are considering moving to the valley — Invest Kootenay is a great resource for us and I believe that we have an opportunity to continue to develop its usefulness to our community,” said Ms. Clovechok.