Judo Jottings: Improve yourself and your community through judo

The judoka will become both, able and motivated, to contribute to their community.

As the cold temperatures outside hampered my enthusiasm to put up the Christmas decorations, I settled comfortably down in the warm living room. The enticing aroma of freshly baked christmas cookies is drifting into the room. In this relaxed, content atmosphere, I picked up the B.C. Judo 50th Anniversary book. The first page caught my attention and a quote by Professor Jigoro Kano:

“Through the diligent practice of judo, a judoka will improve mentally, physically and morally. The judoka will become both, able and motivated, to contribute to their community. Communities make up society and a better society will improve humanity.”

Our club’s involvement and participation in the history of Judo B.C. becomes  evident and it continues at present. The Invermere Judo Club has over 50 registered members of all ages and experiences. From beginners with white belts to more coloured belts as the judokas progress and to the sought-after black belts. We are fortunate to have so many dedicated black belts — all volunteers —to teach and instruct on the mat. Our senseis, black belt instructors, are holding from first to third degree black belts, also are Levels 1 to 3 NCCP coaches and up to National A referees. All this helps our either recreational or enthusiastic competitive  athletes to gain knowledge in the art of judo.

We practise every Monday and Wednesday evening at the Debbie Seel Centre. New members, beginners and advanced, are always welcome, as judo is an ongoing sport to improve oneself, mentally and physically.

See you on the tatame!

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By Herman Mauthner