Left to right: Ron Verboom

Left to right: Ron Verboom

Meet the candidates: Radium, part 1

Your introduction to the first half of the candidates running for council seats in Radium Hot Springs. Check back next week for the rest.

Note: edit was made to correct candidates name.


What’s your background?

My family and I moved here over four years ago from Dawson City, Yukon.

My husband was offered a position, my daughter was starting her first year of university at U of C. We thought it would be a good opportunity for our family, and possibly it would open new doors of opportunity for our kids and for myself.

I work for Elk Park Ranch as an event co-ordinator, I also work for Meet on Higher Ground Coffee Shop, I’m a board member on the Radium Events Committee.

My past experiences — I worked for the City of Dawson as the aquatic manager for the public pool for four years, I worked with the Klondike Visitors’ Association for the Palace Grand Theatre, I was a member of the Dawson City Woman’s Shelter, a board member for the Dawson City Recreation Board, I was an auxiliary RCMP officer  for years and a volunteer ambulance attendant for three years.

I have never turned down an opportunity to help and take part in a community, and have enjoy the experiences and education I have obtained from being part of these organizations. I have developed a great deal of admiration and respect for our public services and understand the struggles they encounter within small communities.

What is the main issue facing the village?

Finding full time decent wage employment is one of the struggles Radium faces.

What goals would you like to accomplish?

A downtown core or main street that is attractive and encourages visitors and residents to hang around longer and enjoy the community.

More business and community activities, that brings the village closer together and make this village stand out from all the rest. My goal is to be a good representative for this community, and support anything that benefits the Village of Radium.

What distinguishes me as a candidate?

I have strong moral values, especially when it comes to a community. We all want a safe, balanced, sustainable,  well-rounded community with the basic necessities to raise our families in.

I am hard working, a reliable volunteer and willing to help do whatever it takes to get this community where it needs to be.




What’s your background?

My husband and I moved to the Columbia Valley permanently a little more than 6 years ago. We had previously owned a vacation property here. My career of 27 years ended and we saw that as an opportunity to leave the big city. We spent a year building our home before I opened my furniture store and became a Director on the Chamber of Commerce.

What is the main issue facing the village?

I’ve had many conversations with tourists and  second home owners and the issue I always hear is the cost of goods. We need to somehow overcome decisions made at a higher level such as HST, carbon tax resulting in higher fuel costs and the decision to lower the drinking level to .05 from .08. All of these things have driven up our cost of goods or affected the restaurant industry. These things have also caused our visitors to bring what they need with them instead of buying local.

What goals would you like to accomplish?

As a councillor, I would like to see our village focus a bit more on the permanent residents. We have always worked at attracting tourists but if we want to increase our permanent population we need to know what would bring people here permanently. I`d like to see our population increase in the next three years.

What distinguishes me as a candidate?

I like to think that my experience running a successful business has given me some insight into my community.  I have also been part of many committees in the past and know that I can be effective and efficient.


What’s your background?

My wife Donna, and I moved to Radium over 30 years ago as a result of a job transfer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

I loved being part of a small community and cared for the direction Radium was taking, which eventually led me to be elected as an alderman on the original council when Radium incorporated in 1990.

Since then we have witnessed the growth and success of Radium and are moving along without many serious issues.

One of the major building blocks of a municipality is its infrastructure and I’m proud to have served on councils that have brought first rate services to its residents.

During my role as councillor, I have represented the Village as Deputy Mayor, RDEK Board alternate, and served on various boards including the Columbia Greenways Alliance, Columbia Valley Recreation Society, and the Radium Public Library.

What is the main issue facing the village?

Should I be re-elected for a seventh term, council will need to continue exploring ways to deal with sustainable economic development.

This was the main issue brought forward from our recent OCP review, and further brought to light with the shutdown of the Canfor sawmill.

What goals would you like to accomplish?

I feel we need to focus on Radium’s tourism value to drive our economy during these lean economic times.

People move to, and live in Radium because of its small town character and quality of life.

We need to provide programs and services, such as expanding our trail system, and possibly a new community centre, to enhance these qualities and hopefully see a return of young families and business entrepreneurs.

While accomplishing these goals, we must maintain our current low level of taxation.

What distinguishes me as a candidate?

If re-elected, I will bring the experience and continuity of six terms on council and the commitment to provide the best for residents and businesses in the Village of Radium Hot Springs.

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