New WCA president and hall flooding

The Windermere Community Association has a new president, and she comments on the recent flooding of the Windermere Hall.

  • May. 3, 2011 2:00 p.m.

A few questions were raised regarding the Windermere Community Hall mid-April when the centre closed its doors for repairs. In short, the hall had a flood. Melt water had seeped in from outside the east door, which had built up behind the basement wall. It eventually managed to burst through and flooded the hall’s basement to a depth of about two and a half feet, according to a news release from the Windermere Community Association (WCA).

Since the flooding, the water has been removed, along with the carpet and affected gyprock. Steps were also taken to prevent mold and repair estimates were requested from contractors by the WCA.

“Flooding is not a good experience but the positive outcome is realizing the importance of the Community Hall,” said WCA President Jo-El Buerlen.

Buerlen, who was elected for a one-year presidency term for the WCA in late March, said that the flooding has put a focus for the WCA to pursue renovations and upgrades for the hall. “A blower door test will be conducted on the building which will pinpoint the areas that we need to focus on to make the hall more energy-efficient, then we can move forward to pursue the necessary funding to accomplish our goal,” said Buerlen.

Buerlen will still be doing all membership communication, along with the WCA website updates and is the acting co-chair of the Windermere Fall Fair, in charge of vendor registration.

“I am honoured that the WCA membership feels confident putting me in this position,” said Buerlen. “I love Windermere, I have truly enjoyed my volunteer experience during the past two years with the WCA and look forward to many more. I am confident that this will be a learning and growing experience for me. WCA has an amazing volunteer group along with a very supportive membership base; this will enhance some of the projects we are pursuing this year over and above the many children programs and the very popular Windermere Fall Fair.”

Buerlen says that she would like to see the WCA memberships grow for 2011.

“We have already started the year off well with a membership increase,” she said. WCA membership fees are $10 for a single individual and $20 for a family.