Plans to rebuild Edgewater rink and ball park presented to Pepsi

A submitted proposal to Pepsi's Refresh Project could mean a new outdoor rink and ball park building for Edgewater.

  • Mar. 15, 2011 1:00 p.m.

The Pepsi Refresh Project ( has a Columbia Valley proposal sitting among its project hopefuls.

Tammy Tutte, consultant at Norwex, stumbled across the Pepsi Refresh Project after discussions of rebuilding the outdoor rink and the building at the ball park in Edgewater came up during a Norwex meeting.

“Both venues have needed repairs for quite some time,” said Tutte. “The ball park bathrooms have heaved floors, rendering them unsafe. We had to lock up the building.”

The outdoor rink needs much work as well.

“There’s uneven ground, and the sideboards fall over in the spring, they’d always need to be repaired,” explained Tutte. “We need to think of ways to improve the ground, through excavation and proper filling. For the end product, we would like to see a roof, not enclosing the rink, but to help with the snow in the winter. It would help our volunteers who keep it shovelled and cleared, and it would mean a longer season of ice.”

The Pepsi Refresh Project can give away millions to fund “great ideas”, according to the official website.

Applications can be be submitted for $5,000, $10,000, $25,000 and $100,000, and winning proposals will be picked each “round” based on the highest number of votes.

Tutte’s proposal, titled “Bring outdoor rink and ball field back to life in Edgewater, B.C.!” is listed under the “Neighbourhoods” category, and is currently ranked 44th for a $100,000 application.

The vote for the proposal, simply register at and vote. Registered voters can vote once a day, with the current round closing April 30th, and the winner announced May 1st.

“If we can get enough votes to get up the ladder, we can go through to the next round,” said Tutte.

For more information about the proposal or others ways to help with the Edgewater outdoor rink and ball park building, called Tutte at 250-270-0340.