Radium Council Briefs

Council adopts five-year financial plan, adopts tax rates bylaw and supports makerspace

The Village of Radium council worked with what they had on Wednesday, April 26th. While regular council meetings typically have a majority of councillors in attendance, Wednesday saw only two. Councillor Ron Verboom and Tyler McCauley were joined by Mayor Clara Reinhardt via phone conference to carry forward the council meeting.

The council of three adopted the Financial Plan Bylaw No.431 that will act as the community’s five-year financial plan ending December 31, 2021. Council had to adopt the financial plan bylaw before the village’s annual property tax bylaw was adopted. Council then went on to adopting the Tax Rates Bylaw No. 432 which states for all lawful general purposes of the municipality on the value of land and improvements taxable for general municipal purposes.

After some discussion, council went forward with approving zoning amendments to Bylaw 433 for the new community hall. The amendments allow for the property to have permitted uses for the community hall and library. The approval of the amendment allows for council to bypass having to hold a public hearing to rezone the property for the correct uses of a community hall.

“Because we did go to public referendum and the public was overwhelmingly in support I’d say it’s fair to waive that,” said Mayor Clara Reinhardt.

A late item to council was a request for council to write a letter of support for the makerspace initiative; council was overwhelmingly supportive and agreed to write the letter of support. Council discussed the presentation on makerspace that was given to the Columbia Basin Trust. Verboom stated we were all just blown away by all the possibilities for this program.

“I think we need to support this as much as we can be because it’s so exciting,” said Reinhardt.

The final item discussed by council was the need for more signage regarding the feeding of the wildlife throughout the community. McCauley suggesting that signs be posted at the three entrances to the community, similar to signs posted throughout Invermere. Stating it’s impossible to enforce but would like to see something there, no resolution came out of the discussion to post signage.