Radium Gets New Street Sweeper

Radium is the proud owner of a new street sweeper, already put to use cleaning up the local streets.

The Village of Radium Hot Springs is the proud owner of a new street sweeper, replacing the community’s existing one that’s had nothing but breakdowns this year according to Ken McDonell, public works superintendent.

Due to the breakdowns with the previous machine Village staff are behind on this year sweeping, however, the new sweeper is already out on the streets. The new sweeper was a demo model with only 14 hours on the machine. The new sweeper was driven from Vancouver to Radium.

“Those things do a 100 km it’s got a highway speed as well as around town speed so they’re meant you can buy one and go to work in Golden tomorrow, Cranbrook the next day you can transport them around fairly easily,” said McDonell.

The village will have two operators running the new machine working to catch up on spring sweeping. According to McDonell, the first day with the sweeper was going good. He went on to say it’s going to definitely improve our speed on cleanup each spring. The sweeper cost $240,000.