Radium Resort is moving away from year-round operations and closing for the winter.

Radium Resort closes for winter

Radium Resort will be switching from year-round operations to a seasonal basis this coming winter.

In an effort to continue to provide the best quality service to its clients, Radium Resort will be switching from year-round operations to a seasonal basis this coming winter.

As of November 1, 2012 the resort will switch to seasonal operations and close for the winter, reopening on March 28, 2013, the day before the Easter long weekend.

“Our business has been built around our golf courses, yet over the winter months our hospitality business cannot be sustained at the high level we wish to provide our guests,” Radium Resort general manager Wilda Schab wrote in an email. “Therefore, after careful consideration we decided to build on the successes of our golf courses, and that success takes place in the spring, summer and fall.”

The resort employs up to 160 workers during peak seasons, and while 19 will stay on over the winter to attend to normal off-season repairs and maintenance, preparations for upcoming capital projects and advancement of marketing and sales activities for the forthcoming season, Schab said that regrettably there are 13 employees affected by the move. However, she added the resort has asked each and every one of their front-line employees to consider returning to the resort once it reopens.

“While our operational change will affect local employment over the next five months, our commitment to the Radium area and to building the resort as a premier destination is unaffected,” Schab wrote. “We are committed to the future success of the Springs and Resort golf courses and the Resort hospitality facilities.”

In 2009, the resort entered into a partnership in order to revitalize its golf course and hospitality venues, and in the three years since have committed to extensive capital investments for improving all aspects of the resort.

One advantage Village of Radium Hot Springs mayor Dee Conklin sees in the closure is that it will allow the resort to continue with its improvements without disturbing customers, and Conklin said that Radium has more than enough accommodations to house any displaced tourists who normally spend their winter at the resort.

“Sometimes I call it short-term pain for long-term gain,” Conklin said. “I wish them luck and look forward to Easter, it will be here before we know it.”

According to a resort press release, some of the future improvements they are looking at include master planning of both the Springs Golf Course and Radium Resort Golf Course; residential development on the Springs Golf Course; clubhouse renovations at the Springs Golf Course; lodge, accommodation and recreation facility renovations at Radium Resort; a new golf cart fleet; new golf course maintenance equipment, and three new golf holes at Radium Golf Course.

“Over the last three years, the resort’s partners have committed extensive capital to improve the golf resort facilities and expand developments complementary to the golf course and hospitality venues,” Schab said. “These decisions have injected millions of dollars into the economy of the Columbia Valley over and above the economic benefits Radium Resort delivers for tourism and employment.”

Although the resort will close for the winter, Radium Resort’s spa, Rising Sun Massage, will remain open seven days a week. Anyone interested in booking an appointment is asked to call 250-341-5668 or email risingsunbc@telus.net.


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