Remember When

Remember When for the week of June 3rd 2015 - a look back through the archives

50 years ago (1965):

The largest commencement class in the history of David Thompson Secondary School was honoured with a banquet at Trinity United Church. 43 students graduated.

40 years ago (1975): Many reports of unsanitary conditions surfaced after Alberta Boogie Productions held a rock festival on the grounds of the Shuswap Reserve. Echo staff surveyed the site a week later and saw broken glass, cardboard containers, bottles and human waste on the ground.

30 years ago (1985):

District of Invermere Works Superintendent  Gordan McKenzie was suspended by Mayor Joseph Conroy for the second time, citing a confidential report.

15 years ago (2000): Calgary’s Paul Brandt, a rising country music star at the time, performed for 1,300 people at Eddie Mountain Memorial Arena. Brandt’s performance capped the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Summer Jump Start Festival.

10 years ago (2005):

A local woman was aggressively stalked and charged by a cow elk near Sinclair Creek in Radium. The incident led to Parks Canada and the Village of Radium Hot Springs deciding that elk causing a problem in the area needed to be destroyed, not relocated.

5 years ago (2010):

The District of Invermere was declared one of the seven solar communities in B.C. by the provincial government. The announcement came in the midst of B.C. Solar Days.