Temporary solution in place at James Chabot park

Plumbing problems have caused the restrooms at James Chabot Provincial Park to stop working

Portable facilities were put in place at James Chabot Provincial Park in mid-June because of a septic system issue with the park's restrooms that can't be fixed until early fall.

Plumbing problems have caused the restrooms at James Chabot Provincial Park to stop working, leaving park patrons to relieve themselves in outhouses until the issue is resolved.

“As of June 13th, 2013, the washroom building is currently closed due to a septic system issue,” reads the provincial park’s web page. The temporary portable facilities have been in place since June 14th.

To those who make use of the park regularly, there seems to be no urgency placed on resolving the issue.

“You don’t see any work happening, you just see a bunch of Porta Potties that have arrived,” part-time valley resident Robert Kubke told The Echo.

The restrooms are out of service due to a break in the septic system, according to B.C. Park recreation services officer Alex Green, who said repairs can’t be made at the present.

“The septic system connects to the city system, where it’s disconnected because of a break below the water table,” he said.

“We have to wait for the water table to lower before we can reconnect the system.”

B.C. Parks will take on the repair early in the fall, he said.

“Once we can shut access off and excavate and drain the area, then we can reconnect to the system.”

Mr. Green doesn’t know what the price tag will be, but says the repair work is a priority.

“We have to wait until the physical attributes will lend themselves to getting things back in place.”


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