Tilley Memorial Park to get new concession stand, winter walkway maintenance given response

An overview of the regular council meeting for the Village of Canal Flats on March 28.

  • Apr. 7, 2011 7:00 a.m.

The regular council meeting of the Village of Canal Flats was held on March 28 with a small agenda of items.

An upcoming Canal Flats dance, set to be held on April 30, requested a special occasion liquor license request. Due to it being a special liquor permit, permission must be given by the council before the group could continue to pursue to license, which council allowed.

Councillor Ute Juras will become a member of the Canal Flats Wilderness Club and act as a liason for the club and council.

“It’s an item that came out of our strategic planning sessions for our protection of wildlife and environment,” said Juras.

A newsletter had been sent to Canal Flats residents to survey their approval of the current walkway winter maintenance being administered in the colder months. Fifteen respondents claimed they were happy with the current level of maintenance.

“I’m surprised, given the comments I had received prior to the question,” said Juras.

Council had first administered the question newsletter due to several residents being unhappy with the maintenance. It was suggested that the newsletter results be published so all residents were informed of the general response.

A municipal snow removal cost versus a snow removal contractor was presented for council’s consideration. However, a resolution for which direction council would like to take for this issue was deferred until the next regular council meeting on April 2.

A submission for a concession stand at Tilley Memorial Park was accepted by council. The deadline for submissions was February 27.

The single submission for the Shoreside Snack Shack will have a contract drafted with additional termination clauses for the concession’s three-year term.

The concession, owned and operated by Reni Gallant and Francine Savoie, was originally set to open during the community Easter egg hunt event. It may now open during the May long-weekend instead through recommendation by council.