Westside Legacy trail welcomed by Canal Flats

A presentation by the Greenways Trail Alliance was a highlight of the January 12th Canal Flats council meeting.

At the Canal Flats regular council meeting commenced at the Columbia Discovery Centre on Monday, January 12th, notable items were brought to light, including a presentation on the Greenways Trail Alliance.

“Mark Halwa (Greenway board of directors chair) presented us with their proposal of the Westside Legacy Trail. I am very impressed with the work that he has done to date in getting almost all of the landowners to give up some land for the trail —  I am especially excited that this project will bring the trail closer to Canal Flats, as it is still the end goal to have a trail system connecting the entire Columbia Valley from Canal Flats to Golden,” Mayor Juras told The Valley Echo. Council appointed resident Glen Stiller to the Greenways Trail Alliance as the Canal Flats representative.

RDEK recreation budget

The RDEK recreation budget was a high priority during the meeting. “We went through all the line items and made some adjustments on what was presented by staff and it will come back to the next meeting for final recommendations to the RDEK Board,” she said.

Miscellaneous items

During the unfinished business status report, discussion came up concerning committee involvement.

“The question came up on how involved should we be in committees outside the Village. We asked staff to provide us with a list of committees that we have been part of in the past, and we will discuss it further during our Strategy Plan Workshop,” said Juras.

The Strategic Plan Workshop was scheduled for Saturday, January 31st, and the Budget Meeting was rescheduled for Saturday, February 7th as several council members were unavailable for the original date of January 24th.

Payment #7 to Dawson Construction for the Water Capital Project got the nod of approval, and council fully endorsed the Celebrate Canada Grant Application. The Department of Canadian Heritage provides financial support for activities organized on specific days during the Celebrate Canada period, from June 21st to July 1st.

Finally, terms of reference were approved for the Merged Water Committee.

“However, no additional (Merged Water) committee member was appointed to replace former Councillor Midyette at this time,” said Mayor Juras.