Windermere Community Association seeks members, president

An overview of the WCA's annual general meeting of March 7.

  • Mar. 15, 2011 5:00 p.m.

The Windermere Community Association (WCA) held their general meeting on March 7 at the Windermere Community Hall.

The meeting addressed several upcoming events, as well as the current state of association memberships.

It was reported by WCA Treasurer Jo-El Buerlen that renewed memberships were continuing to come in.

A community-wide membership form had also been mailed out, and this has brought some new members as well. A total of $1,845 has also been received via donation.

However, the WCA is still seeking more new members, and ask that those interested contact the WCA for details.

An application to the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) for funding for the Fall Fair has been completed and submitted.

The requested amount on the application was $5,000.

The WCA is planning a golf tournament, though the plans for such have been deferred until other parties necessary to continue planning are present. The association hopes to perhaps plan a glow-golf tournament.

“It needs to be unique,” said Sherry Avery.

A pancake breakfast is also being planned by the WCA.

Skookum Inn will be donating the syrup and the Windermere Family Pantry will be donating the pancake mix.

However, the WCA is still searching for volunteers that are able to serve the pancakes and cook them as well.

A representative of the WCA will be speaking to the Lake Windermere Lions Club and the Rotary Club of Invermere to see if either are available to serve at the breakfast.

The WCA is considering purchasing a new lock for the Windermere Community Hall. The proposed lock is a Schlage Lock with 14 numbered keys marked “do not copy”.

The total cost would be $107.32, not including the locksmith service call charge and installation fee.

Five directors for the WCA will be elected this year. The WCA is also seeking someone to be elected for WCA President and Vice-President, as the current, Anne Picton, cannot resign until someone else is available to fill the position.