A dollar short

Costly times The world seems to be in the mood for change and nothing is going to

stop it.

Finding a positive is tough these days as we all make the same amount of

money but it just doesn’t go as far anymore. Just when everything seems to

be getting worked out another problem jumps up to slow life down again.

So now what will the new prices and issues overseas do to your life.

Gas, as I am sure we all have seen, has taken another massive jump and

with rumors of prices going as high as $1.50 before the end of the summer

driving any distance will become a chore.

Leaving or more importantly getting to the Columbia Valley will not be as

economically friendly as before. Also in the same area is the cost of food.

Basics such as bread and milk could start seeing massive hikes in price.

To say a dollar does not go as far as it once did is the understatement

of the century right now. Being careful with how you spend your cash is

becoming the great challenge this year. I find myself living off of sale items

and keeping an eye out for coupons not because you want to but more

because you must. As the issues surrounding money flow down people will

have less to spend and that hurts everyone in the long run. In an area

where the economy is influenced by tourism the concerns should be that

much higher. People can believe that what happens half way around the

world has no effect on their lives. That however is nothing more than a

myth in a globally connected society of the 21st century.