A Letter of Thanks

A thank you letter to the volunteers who helped make Norman Gagtek's return home a success.

It has taken two years and eight months to get Norman home. They said he would never live in his this house again. I guess “they” were wrong.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the renos on the house to get Norman home for good. Even though we got off to a slow start, because getting the benefit funds released became an issue, the house looks fantastic and Norm is ecstatic to be home.

The fact that some donated their time, even though they have never met us, is amazing!

Thank you to:

Cameron Oliver, Keith Pawlyshyn, Ian and Tyler “the electricians”, Jason “the plumber”, Cory and Zach “the tilers”, Derrick “the drywaller”, Bruce Robinson, Eltjo Van Der Deen, Don Hemphill, the Grenias including the children – even the borrowed ones, Amber Brooks-Schick, Cindy Hopper, Lianne Lang, Jill Pawlyshyn, Sandra Ashcroft, Mike Rogal, Carole Dareaux, Mama T, Dwayne and Leo from Medichair, “The Boys” from RFE, and anyone we may have missed.

Without your help and hard work this job would have been next to impossible for us to have completed. Once again we cannot thank you enough. Our door is open for anyone who would like to welcome the “Big Guy” home – 1101 6th St.

With Deepest Gratitude,

Johnny (Giovanni) Pasin, Norman Gagatek, and Kim Harris

And a special thank you to all the staff at Columbia House South for making sure Norm was kept comfortable while waiting to come home.


Kim Harris