Darryl Crane's editorial for the week of April 20.

Does is it seem like someone double-dared the Conservative Party to do as much as they could during this election to lose? This election all started when Parliament was halted after the Conservatives were held in contempt. A feat not easily accomplished in this country.

Then we were told that people who wanted to hear the Prime Minister speak were not being let in. The reason could have been because they had pictures on Facebook that did not sit well with certain advisors.

Then there is the fact that Mr. Harper had a senior aide until 2008 who had a very shady business past. Questions raised on what he was doing in such a powerful position have dogged the campaign trail.

Now comes the claim out of Guelph University that Michael Sona, the communications director for Guelph Conservative candidate Marty Burke, attempted to put a stop to voting at the special ballot. One student claimed that he tried to grab the ballot box.

This has to be a dare right? That is the only answer that makes sense. Because even with scandal after scandal Stephen Harper’s party still are leading in the polls.

The Conservatives could be having some fun with an election where they do not see the leadership in their main opposition, the Liberals according to the polls, as having enough clout to take over Parliament. Maybe that is the goal, be as naughty as you want but still win in the end.

Fun times in an election that has great potential to not really change much in Ottawa. Canadians do not seem to have an issue with the controversy but one group seems to be coming out of their slumber.

The youth vote has not taken well with being told where they can be and when they can vote.

Videos and social media sites are now alive with the sounds of election fever. So maybe in the end it won’t be the words of the leaders that get young people involved. It will be telling them what they cannot do that gets the best reaction. If this gets more people in the voting booths on May second it might not be the worst thing that has happen in the last month.