Getting Grinchy in Golden

The statute of limitations has expired so I can relate this story...

The statute of limitations has expired so I can relate this story. While stationed in Golden the kids would party in an area they call three pole. The unfortunate thing about this location was it was near my house and too noisy. The kids also would burn huge bonfires that one day could  start a forest fire. How do I solve this problem?

I drove  up the long dirt rugged road with the police pick-up truck Friday during the day and found that the kids were stockpiling wooden crates they would collect from local businesses in the area. I loaded up the crates in the police truck and took them back down the road and back to the local mill. A few hours later during the shift I took another ride and observed  that the kids had been busy and another pile of crates was located in the same spot ready for the night’s activities. I load them back up on the police truck and away they go again. I’m pretty proud of myself here. Giving myself high fives and feeling like the Grinch that stole Christmas. Also thinking that I was glad there were no cops as smart as me in my bonfire party days.

Near the end of my shift I do another trip up the mountain and this time I see the kids in their truck unloading further crates. I drive up and right away I get,  “Marko, somebody is stealing our fire wood for tonight.” Of course I tell them that I can’t believe someone would go out of their way and stoop so low to do such a miserable thing.  Told them I would keep my eyes open and be on the alert. They depart. I load up again. I kept doing this during the summer and voila, the party place changed location, a little further away where I can’t hear them or see the bonfire.

Marko Shehovac is Staff Sgt. for the Columbia Valley RCMP