Help our Zone win the Games

We are not the strongest Zone in B.C., but we did better years ago.

Dear Editor:


After the BC Seniors Games held from September 9th to 13th in Langley, I should be allowed to take a view backwards.

We are not the strongest Zone in B.C., but we did better years ago.

I pick only the results in Track and Field from the years 1992 to 1995.

In 1992, with 10 participants from our Zone, we won 15 medals (nine gold, two silver, four bronze).

In 1993 with 23 participants, we won 27 medals (12 gold, nine silver and six bronze).

In 1994 with 17 participants, we won 35 medals (15 gold, 14 silver and six bronze).

In 1995 with 19 participants, we won 32 medals (10 gold, 13 silver and nine bronze).

Now, in 2014, our Zone 7 had only two participants in Track and Field with five medals.

Our Zone with 44 participants and 13 medals totally took the last place of all Zones in B.C. compared with the West Kootenays, four places ahead of us with 89 medals. My concern is: How will this end up in the future?

Where are the people 55 and older in the East Kootenay? What holds them up to participate in one of the other 27 different disciplines?

We have, in some disciplines, active working groups, but are still missing many. Everybody over 55 should be called to participate at the BC Seniors Games.

Where are the Badminton Players, Table Tennis Players, Golfers, Boccia Players and all the others, still fit enough to represent our Zone 7 in the Games?

For people interested in Track and Field, please contact me at 250-289-3643! I will be leading two regular training hours per week during winter time at the Core Fitness Centre in Cranbrook and am willing to test your ability and guide you to the disciplines where you have a chance to be in the medals. Your contribution will be $15 for a membership fee to the Zone 7 per year and $2 per hour to rent the training place. I was a P.E. teacher and coached different sport disciplines for over 40 years. We need your help. That means your participation. Please contact me or Hugh Hambleton at 250-426-7824.

The next 55+ BC Games will be held in North Vancouver next year from August 25th to 29th. This is a call to all people 55 and older from Golden to Creston and Fernie, Sparwood, and Elkford.  We are also looking for a contact person in each village of our Zone 7.


Udo Grady