Letter to the Editor: From idea to reality

In March 2011 at Edgewater Elementary, we had a Grade 6 student, Braden Pederson.

Editor’s note: The following is a letter to Radium Hot Springs mayor Dee Conklin and the Columbia Valley Cycling Association that was copied to The Valley Echo for publication.

In March 2011 at Edgewater Elementary, we had a Grade 6 student, Braden Pederson. The students in his class were asked to write a persuasive essay. I enjoyed reading them but I was especially taken with Braden’s. Originally he wanted Radium to build a skateboard park. His essay was addressed to Radium Rotary and here are some excerpts from it…

“I know that Radium Hot Springs should have a skate park. I think this because it would bring more people to Radium. It would keep more people from skating in unwanted places, and not everyone can go to Invermere.

…A lot of people visit Radium for holiday time and a skateboard park would be a good idea for their kids. It would keep kids that skateboard together.

…A little bike park would also be a good idea.” Sincerely, Braden Pederson

I took this idea to Radium Rotary and we soon realized that a skateboard park would be too costly. But after talking to Adrian Bergles from the Columbia Cycling Club, we realized that a bike pump track was doable! I enjoyed giving Braden progress updates and we were really excited to watch the Bike Track video.

The rest is history — the collaboration of Radium Rotary, the Cycling Club and the Village of Radium made this park a reality.

It is amazing how good ideas come from our young people. Braden finished Grade 7 this year and he is on his way to high school. He is truly a wonderful young man who deserves credit for his original idea. Thanks so much Braden!

Sharlene Scofield

Principal, Edgewater Elementary

President, Radium Hot Springs Rotary

Radium Hot Springs