Letter to the Editor: Get inspired

I would like to comment on Connie Watson’s submitted article on InspireHealth’s LIFE Program.

Editor’s note: This letter was sent to the editor of The Golden Star and copied to The Valley Echo for publication.

Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on Connie Watson’s submitted article on InspireHealth’s LIFE Program.  In 2009 when my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, the LIFE Program was recommended to me from a fellow teacher I met at a conference I was attending in Vancouver. We did some research on InspireHealth and decided it was worth the cost to go to Vancouver for two days for the program. It is so wonderful that the BC Ministry of Health, Lions’, Kinsmen and Rotary clubs down the valley are providing financial support for the program to be held at Copper Point Resort. Instead of almost the $600 it cost us to attend, plus the Vancouver travel, the cost for the October 4 and 5 out-reach program will be half that. This program was a lifesaver for us and as the article stated, “is of benefit to anyone at any stage of their cancer  journey…..recently diagnosed, undergoing treatment, or finished treatment and wanting to learn strategies to prevent reoccurrence.”

It is really important as a participant to bring a support person with you. There were support sessionS I attended that were so helpful. I guess in summing up, InspireHealth is about ‘Wholism’ for cancer management and prevention, and after the two days you have a 90-minute consultation with an InspireHealth physician to personalize your integrative cancer care. If anyone reading this decides to attend, may it be as helpful to you as it was for us. For questions and registration please call 1-888-734-7125.

R. Good-May