Letter to the editor: Wilks finds $10 million for ads while cutting back on food safety

Federal public spending priorities questioned by Liberal finance critic


Dear Editor,


Conservative MP David Wilks and his party are trying to buy your support with advertising paid for with your tax dollars. They’re increasing spending on advertising while cutting programs that really matter to Canadians.

But Canadians are speaking out. Their votes are not for sale, and they want to know why the Conservatives are wasting their money. They want to know why Stephen Harper can find an extra $10 million for government advertising this year, but can’t pay for programs that really matter, like food safety.

The latest round of Conservative cuts will not only hurt the economy, but also put our health and safety at risk. Less than a year after the tainted meat scandal at XL Foods, the Conservatives are cutting the budget for food safety. In fact, they’re cutting the budget for food safety at the Department of Agriculture by almost one-third.

People will not buy Canadian meat, fruit and vegetables if they can’t trust that it’s safe to feed their families, but the government would rather spend your money on Economic Action Plan ads during the Super Bowl and the Oscars than on food inspectors.

Mr. Wilks and the Conservatives have made their priorities clear.

Every billboard they paint, every commercial they film, and every ad they air send just one message: Canadians can’t trust the Conservatives with their tax dollars.


Scott Brison, MP

Liberal Party of Canada Finance Critic