Past NDP candidate urges ‘yes’ on HST

A letter to the editor regarding the HST vote from past federal NDP candidate Mark Shmigelsky.

It is time to send in your HST referendum ballots and have your say on one of the biggest and most significant tax policy changes in B.C. history. Changes that were implemented by the Gordon Campbell/Christy Clark/Bill Bennett BC Liberal government without public input and under a cloud of deception and mistruths.

Premier Clark and her “families first” slogan would like you to believe that they have listened and “fixed” the HST, but they haven’t. Only you can fix the HST by voting “yes” to scrapping this harmful tax.

This is more than a debate about a 12 per cent tax versus a “promised” 10 per cent HST, this is about a Clark/Campbell/Bennett government taking almost $2 billion worth of tax responsibility away from big business and placing it squarely on your family’s shoulders. Can you afford the HST?

If we want to change tax policy in this province and shift tax responsibility away from big business and place it onto the shoulders of people and small business, then let’s have an honest discussion, not stick figure commercials and more shady promises.

Unfortunately, Premier Clark’s and Bill Bennett’s “families first” slogan actually does mean we are first, but in this case, it is the first to be taxed!

Vote “yes” to scrap the HST!

Mark Shmigelsky

Past Federal NDP Candidate