Primary school drive by

Many think that we are looking to ensure kids arrive to school safe, but we are there to protect the people living in the area.

Eileen Madson Primary School is located in one of the rougher areas of town. Hence a great deal of early morning patrols to protect the citizens in the community.

Many think that we are looking to ensure the kids arrive to school safe, but the truth must be known — we are there to protect the people living in the area. Cpl. Grant Simpson was encouraged to purchase a home to maintain our police presence in the area.

Last week while doing morning patrols on 15th Avenue in the unmarked Tahoe during the first snowfall, he fell victim to — we believe — a young Grade 3 student who picked up some snow and worked it into a nice snowball.

Cpl. Simpson could see that this young male was with a group of other friends when obvious eye contact was made with the kid and the kid with Cpl. Simpson and WHAM, Simpson’s vehicle was under fire.

First the good news: Clearly, the Tahoe is still keeping some of its unmarked characteristics.

Bad news: When Simpson lights up the Christmas tree the kid realizes he took a shot at a police vehicle. First lesson the kid learns before he sets foot in school is that when crap hits the fan, you can’t rely on your friends. They continue to walk much faster away from the crime scene while Simpson calls the kid over.

I’m watching this from a distance, not knowing why Simpson’s vehicle is all lit up.  He does not call for back up. He goes light on the kid realizing the trauma he could place on him, and simply lectures him on the consequences had he shot the snowball at someone other than a highly trained and skilled driver as himself.  Simpson drives by me, rolls down his window and comments “Can you believe that?”

I advised Cpl. Simpson not to take it personally.

The kid probably saw him play goaltender lately, and it’s just the kid’s way of saying “you suck.”

• • •



The detachment used up all $8,000 provided to us for summer seasonal policing. This is extra money above and beyond our budget. Most of the money went towards bike and boat patrols.

During the winter the detachment will receive $2,500 for winter patrols with our snow machines.

It is our hope you see us on the lake again this winter.

Marko Shehovac is Staff Sgt for the Columbia Valley RCMP