Ramble On: Our valley is the place to be

We are right smack in the middle of another busy season in the valley.

We are right smack in the middle of another busy season in the valley. The Bonspiel on the Lake is over (by the time you read this), so is the Snowflake Festival but the pond hockey tournament is a little better than a week away along with the annual Ladies’ Bonspiel running from February 1 to 3.

This year’s theme for the ladies ‘spiel is Viva Las Vegas so be prepared to see a number of somewhat crazy women around town dressed in their version of Vegas. I’m really not too certain how the ol’ “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” thing is going to apply but I am certain that there will be a lot of fun had by all.

Last year I suggested that perhaps some of the married couples out there might want to join up and have the men enter the hockey tournament while the ladies enjoyed the curling bonspiel.

I was told in no uncertain terms by one of the bonspiel participants that I should not advance that theory. She said that this was a girls’ weekend and it was going to stay a girls’ weekend!

The important thing here is that these events provide both an economic and enjoyment stimulus to our community. I spoke with many participants of last year’s events and was overwhelmed with the number (especially among the hockey players) who had never before visited our valley and were looking forward to returning.

And not just returning in a year’s time to play again but to coming back to enjoy all we have to offer in the summer time too.

The boys (Columbia Valley Rockies) will also be back in town that weekend to face the Castlegar Rebels on Friday, February 1 and the Spokane Braves on Saturday, February 2. A playoff spot seems likely right now and the team appreciates the support it has been receiving. You can never have too many fans though so be sure to get to one of these two games and cheer them on.

Funny thing happened at the last home game… a man with a somewhat familiar face approached me and asked if I remembered him. We all know that is one question that causes a great deal of stress — “Where have I seen him before” runs wildly through my brain. Turns out he was here from Alberta to play in the Oldtimers’ Tournament on Labour Day weekend and I was the dealer at the Blackjack table he played at. Now his son is playing for the Rockies — go Karsten! Remember, there is a great deal of truth to six degrees of separation!

Marilyn Berry is the community columnist for The Valley Echo and can be reached at maberry7@yahoo.com.