Regional Rundown: Many funds supporting Area G projects

The services the regional district provides in Area G are as diverse as the area itself.

Editor’s note: Regional Rundown is a new feature in the Valley Echo, in which we’ll offer each mayor and regional  district director in the Columbia Valley the chance to share what’s new in their community each week.


Like all of the electoral areas in the region, the Regional District of East Kootenay’s Area G covers a large geographical area with a relatively small population. The services the regional district provides in Area G are as diverse as the area itself.

In Edgewater, the regional district provides services including water, sewer, fire protection and street lighting. We provide funding to the Edgewater Recreation Society, which operates the community hall, park, rink and baseball facilities. The regional district has approved Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) Community Initiatives funding which has helped the recreation society make improvements to the hall and park. The Edgewater Fire Department has a strong core group of volunteers and their service to the community is very much appreciated.

The regional district will soon begin a phased reconstruction of the sewage lagoon fencing and upgrades to the Edgewater water system.  The old Columbia Road pressure-reducing valve station will be replaced. The small building adjacent to the Hewitt Road water towers will be replaced with a large building that will comply with Worksafe BC standards and house ultraviolet disinfection equipment, chlorination and metering equipment.

The regional district is working with Elk Park Ranch to develop a water use agreement to ensure the safety, supply and security of the Baptiste Lake reservoir and Macaulay Creek, the source of the community water system.

Another water-related project is taking place in Spur Valley. The regional district is proceeding with approvals to construct a groundwater well which will be tied into the existing Spur Valley water system.

The Spur Valley Improvement District will continue to own, operate and maintain the Spur Valley Water System through most of the project.  When the project is completed, the regional district will manage, operate and maintain the system.

The regional district provides an annual grant to the Brisco Recreation Commission to assist with the operation of the community hall, cemetery and columbarium. In Spillimacheen, we recently reconfigured and bear-proofed the transfer station.

The regional district administers and maintains the Old Coach Trail in the Dry Gulch area as a Regional Park.  The regional district board recently adopted an amendment to the Steamboat –Jubilee Mountain Official Community Plan (OCP), which incorporates land use policies for Dry Gulch and Wilmer into the OCP.

The inclusion of these two areas means the entire Upper Columbia Valley from the south end of Columbia Lake to Spillimacheen is now served by an official community plan.

The Wilmer Community Club receives an annual grant to help with costs of the community hall, Conrad Kain Park and playground.  Currently, the hall is being completely rebuilt and the regional district has approved CBT Community Initiative funding for this project.


Gerry Wilkie is the Area G director for the Regional District of East Kootenay and can be reached at 250-347-9841 or at .