Regional Rundown: Proud of what Canal Flats has accomplished

last Regional Rundown submission until after the municipal election in November

This will be my last Regional Rundown submission until after the municipal election in November. I would like to thank The Valley Echo for giving myself and the other Columbia Valley directors the opportunity to share information and happenings from our respective communities.

As previously mentioned, the municipal elections will be coming up in November and I am hereby declaring that I will be running again for the position of mayor for the Village of Canal Flats.

Canal Flats celebrated its 10th year of incorporation this year and I have had the honour and privilege to be serving the community from day one. I served as a councillor for 2.5 terms (we were incorporated mid-term) and as mayor for one term.

For the last three terms, I also enjoyed having a seat at the Regional District table representing the Village of Canal Flats. These past 10 years have been such an incredible experience; so much so that I’m not quite ready to hand over the torch.

We have had so many accomplishments, such as protecting the wetlands by building a trail to the source of the Columbia, securing funding for a walkway within the village that is very heavily used and, most recently, completing a $1.2 million arena retrofit project as well as completing the Columbia Discovery Centre, which houses a Ktunaxa First Nation Interpretive Centre, the village offices and the Headwaters Arts Society. We are also about to complete the water system upgrade project, which will bring potable drinking water to the Eagle’s Nest subdivision and adequate fire-flow to the entire village.

I am proud to have been part of all of these projects and many more throughout my tenure on council.

As this first term as mayor comes to a close for me, I feel there is still so much I want to do to move this wonderful village forward. I am thankful the voters of Canal Flats have allowed me this opportunity to serve them and hope they will continue to do so.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Columbia Valley directors for the hard work they have done on our joined projects. With everyone having such passion for their communities, it was sometimes a challenge to agree, but we got the job done in the end.

Mark November 15th on your calendar and, whether you live in Canal Flats, Invermere, Radium, Areas F or G, be sure you get out there and vote!

Ute Juras is the mayor of Canal Flats and can be reached at 250-489-9070 or by e-mail at